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Every​ cake is a labor of love.

When we say handcrafted, we mean handcrafted. We do absolutely everything by hand. From our stringent rendering and filtering process to the wrapping, labeling, and boxing of our suet; every suet cake is made by hand and with care. We put every effort into making the highest quality and most natural suet on the market.​

 We truly enjoy what we do. We love our birds and we love making good food for them. Seth Reams, our suet maker, spent his career in restaurants. He spent the majority of his life in the kitchen. He knows good food because he enjoys good food. He would never serve a dish to someone that he wouldn't eat himself. He learned from an early age that if you prepare and cook with love, the food is actually more enjoyable. He found that the more care and love he put into his food, the more people would savor his food. He heard countless times over the years that his dishes were the best the person had ever tasted. Whether it was a simple dish or an elaborate, multi-course menu, people would rave about his cooking.

Now he's cooking for your birds.

We test all of our suet in our own backyard (and it is tested by customers every day, all around the country). Since we started using our own suet in our yard, we have seen a significant increase in the number of suet eating birds. We constantly hear from customers how much their birds prefer NePo Suet to other brands on the market. You can also check out an independent review from birding.about.com.  

Please fee free to contact us at Customer Service​ or by calling the number below.

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